Monday, May 28, 2012

Enjoying true value for money

If you want to keep pace with contemporary and futuristic technologies, solutions that contribute towards your healthy life, you will not mind investing for the same. You will certainly not mind paying a high price for it. But if you find the ‘not invented anywhere’ technology and features in a product and find its price competitive, you only gain a competitive advantage. Consider the Aquaguard RO systems. Each of the available systems comes equipped with some groundbreaking technology and features introduced in no other RO systems. And Aquaguard water purifier price of each model is the same as other available RO purifiers. You may find a little bit of difference but that will not affect your budget. For example, Aquaguard RO Total Enhance is the only purifier of its kind in India that lets users save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. All other RO purification purposes are well served – reduction of TDS to acceptable standards, elimination of new age tough contaminants, removal of micro organisms, revival of sweet taste, multi-stage purification mechanism, etc. Aquaguard water purifier price of this model is fixed at Rs. 13,990. True value for money is what is assured with every Aquaguard system!

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