Friday, May 18, 2012

Enhance UV and its features

Have you used the Enhance UV Aquaguard water purifier? There is also an ‘Enhance’ system under the RO category from the same brand that has created much buzz in Indian households. Enhance UV is also the first among UV purifiers to come equipped with distinctive features. Both are Eurekaforbes products.

Enhance UV is a 6 stage purification system. Harmful disease-causing micro organisms get removed during the purification process. The enhanced protection+ is a feature available only with this Aquaguard water purifier. New age contaminants like lead, pesticides, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals are easily eliminated. What flows from the faucet is 100 percent safe and pure H2O. For your added convenience, Eurekaforbes has incorporated smart LED indicators in this purification system. These indicators are for on and off of power, UV fault, power saver mode, and purification process; they buzz helping users identify the faults and functions.

Another feature worth mentioning about this Eurekaforbes product is smart auto-fill ensuring H2O is filled automatically in the storage tank. Scaling on quartz glass tube of UV reflector housing is prevented by the D-calcifier, a micro-controller based electronic impulse producer. This Aquaguard water purifier automatically shuts down in case any anomaly is detected.

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