Monday, May 14, 2012

Choosing one amid three RO purifiers

Yes, there are three Aquaguard RO systems to choose from. How do you make a buying decision and in a situation when you know that you will go for this brand only. Consider the number of members in your family. The systems differ mainly in terms of purification and storage capacities. And then, you will notice differences in terms of ground breaking technologies incorporated. For example, in the Total Enhance Aquaguard RO system, the pioneering technology incorporated is the ‘water saving’ feature letting users save 30 percent of water which otherwise gets wasted. Aquaguard water purifier price of Total Enhance is Rs. 13,990. In the Reviva Total RO, it is the ‘reverse osmosis plus’ that removes harmful lead, which is a cause of brain damage. The Atom RO is ideal for small families; the auto cleaning of the RO membrane is the feature associated. Reviva Aquaguard water purifier price is fixed at Rs. 12,490 and that of Atom at Rs. 8,490. No matter what the price range is or what the features incorporated, all purifiers come with multi-stage purification mechanisms and guarantee purification effectiveness. TFC spiral RO membrane, considered the most effective membrane for domestic use, is used in all the systems.

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