Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effective removal of heavy metals

Do you know heavy metals like mercury and lead affect the nervous system? Yes, regular consumption of these harmful metals can also affect the joints, circulatory system, and kidneys. The worst sufferers are children given their low immune systems. Lead can cause:

  • Learning difficulties in children
  • Memory impairment in children and adults alike
  • Create behavioral problems
  • Cause irreversible damage to the brain. 

Taken aback at the aforementioned revealed facts? Yes, out of the 50 heavy metals identified in H2O, 17 have been deemed poisonous. It is the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva that can effectively remove harmful lead during the purification process; ‘Reverse osmosis plus reviva’ technology makes it happen. This Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifiers not only remove lead but also eliminate harmful micro organisms and new age tough contaminants. In addition, total dissolved solids (TDS) get reduced to acceptable standards.

To know in detail about Aquaguard Reviva, visit eurekaforbes.com. Here you can not only view image and price but also browse through description, features, and technical specifications. Aquaguard Reviva is certified for quality and technology by the Indian Medical Association. It is available via direct sales, i.e. receive the product right at your doorstep once you place an order.

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