Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Effectiveness and long life of RO membranes

The most vital component in an RO system is the RO membrane. For the membrane to be effective for a longer period, the RO system should come incorporated with multiple filter cartridges. Yes, water from the tap should not reach the membrane directly. It should undergo filtration in more than one stage. Eureka Forbes RO systems come equipped with the TFC spiral RO membrane in addition to multiple filter cartridges. The ultimate objective is flow of absolutely pure and safe water from the faucet. You will come across at least seven Eureka Forbes RO systems at present, available under two different brands. When we speak about the Aquaguard RO, you have four models to choose from, viz. Total Enhance Green RO, Total Enhance RO, Total Enhance RO+, and Total Reviva.

Aquaguard RO Total Reviva comes equipped with several features for effective performance and long life of the RO membrane. Two of these features worth mentioning are unique membrane cleaning system, silver surety technology, and tamper proof reject water valve. Silver impregnation enhances purification efficiency inhibiting growth of microorganisms; and the reject valve ensures continuous and steady reject water flow. Worry not about water wastage. You can collect the rejected water for reuse.           

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