Sunday, September 23, 2012

Knowing your water type and Aqua Sure RO+UV

You will but agree to the fact that knowing the type of water purifier to be installed in your kitchen is equivalent to knowing what your health problem is and accordingly getting treated for the same. Yes, an advanced water purifier is an investment for good health, especially in today’s scenario where 80 percent of the diseases are water-borne. With 17 different water problems being discovered by Eureka Forbes, you should know your water condition before buying a purifier.

If TDS levels are high, water is hard, and countless harmful micro organisms harbor in your H2O, you should get a RO+UV system. Aqua Sure RO+UV is one of the most popularly used hybrid purifiers in India. This Eureka Forbes AquaSure product comes with a whole lot of features designed to effectively purify the contaminated H2O. Visit to know about it in detail. Eureka Forbes makes this Aqua Sure product available at all leading consumer durable, home appliance and modern organized retail outlets, especially in areas where it is required, i.e. according to water condition.

Six stage purification, inbuilt voltage stabilizer, auto flush, 8 liters storage capacity, quartz UV filtration, membrane life enhancer are few of the features of Eureka Forbes AquaSure RO+UV.

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