Friday, December 7, 2012

Aquaguard Reviva - protecting the nervous system

Aquaguard RevivaGone were the days when solutions were not aplenty. You wanted it and it was not available. Thanks to technological advancements! If you want a purifier that not only handles TDS levels, hardness, and removes contaminants but also specially designed to remove lead, you can get one. It is the Aquaguard Reviva from Eureka Forbes. No matter what the level of pollution or what the type of contaminants, you do have a solution with Eureka Forbes. It happens to be the first company in India to have introduced domestic purifiers under the brand name of Aquaguard.

 Many users are not aware about what type of contaminants is present in their tap water nor are they aware about the hazards that they cause. Researches have proven that 80 percent of the diseases are water borne. Each contaminant affects the body uniquely. It is found that lead, a common metal found in water in most places, especially industrial locations and areas nearby, affects the nervous system. Children are the most vulnerable to this metal. Yes, lead causes brain damage in young children. And it is Aquaguard Reviva that effectively removes lead during the purification process. Visit to know more about Aquaguard Reviva.

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