Thursday, January 3, 2013

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Eureka Forbes AquaguardIf you are still not using a Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifier, you are far away from consuming pure and safe water. Yes, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard has become a name synonymous to superlative quality, innovation, groundbreaking technology, and purification effectiveness. There are numerous models to choose from under different categories - Aquaguard Total Sensa, Aquaguard Total Duo, Aquaguard Protec Plus, Aquaguard RO Total ENHANCE, Aquaguard RO Total Reviva, Aquaguard RO Total Atom, Aquaguard UV Total INFINITI, Aquaguard UV Classic, Aquaguard UV Compact, Aquaguard UV Booster, Aquaguard UV Hi-Flo, Aquaguard UV VERVE, and Aquaguard Ultra Filtration. Explore all these options and take a tour of the description, image, price, features, and technical specifications at

One Eureka Forbes Aquaguard system that is the only purifier of its kind in the whole world is the Total Sensa. This purifier is equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. No matter what the type of water is, no matter where you live, if you have the Total Sensa, you stay worry free. Yes, this Eureka Forbes Aquaguard can purify any kind of water. It is the patented BluG technology incorporated that senses the quality of water, accordingly auto selects the best purification technology, and then that is how the purification takes place. The A-Z of contaminants gets removed and you get the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. Water that flows from the faucet of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

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