Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knowing Your Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa

Most conscious users of this advanced water filter called Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Total Sensa are well aware of the SMP+ technology that it comes incorporated with. This technology is designed to enhance sweetness, mineral content and purity of the H2O being purified. What you get from the faucet is H2O that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals. ‘One purifier and integration of the world’s best purification technologies’ – this well identifies the Total Sensa Aquaguard water purifier. Source of H2O supplied to the tap can be bore well, tanker, lake, overhead tank, municipal, or mixed. No matter what the source of H2O is or where you live, it well serves the purification purpose.

When you install your Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water filter do ensure that the installation is done by an authorized technician from the company. Ensure that it is placed at a dry ventilated area or areas below freezing temperatures. It should be connected to cold (normal temperature) tap H2O supply; if connected to hot H2O supply, the filters will be damaged. Do also ensure that once your Aquaguard water purifier is installed, the first filling of the storage tank should be discarded; start drinking from second filling.

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