Friday, January 27, 2012

Aquaguard Booster UV water purifier

When we speak about UV Aquaguard water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes, you will come across numerous choices - Aquaguard Total INFINITI, Aquaguard Classic, Aquaguard Compact, Aquaguard Booster, Aquaguard Hi-Flo, and Aquaguard VERVE. It is after you make a comparative analysis that you can take a buying decision. Individually each system is the best in terms of quality, technology, and purification effectiveness. Take for example the Aquaguard Booster. It is equipped with E-boiling +, a unique SMPS system and an in-built water pressure enhancer. If there is no running water in your area or if the pressure of water you receive from the tap is low, you can go for this Aquaguard water purifier. You and your family will never run short of pure water.

At 307 x 102.5 x 391 mm dimensions, this 5.5 kg Aquaguard water purifier comes with 8 Watts (G8T5) ultraviolet lamp, 43 watts power rating, 230 V AC / 50Hz input voltage, 500mA (slow blow) fuse, and 1.5 meters (max.) suction height. Water flows at 1 litre/minute. Water flowing from the faucet of the Booster Aquaguard water purifier is as pure as water boiled for 20 minutes. It is the E-boiling+ feature that makes it happen, destroying all known disease-causing bacteria and virus during the purification process. Another feature worth mentioning about this Aquaguard water purifier is continuous scanning of the water. You thus get 100 percent pure water or no water at all. ‘No water’ here indicates that you need service support from Eureka Forbes technicians.

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