Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preservation of essential minerals in Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Most people are hesitant to buy a UV water purifier because they feel that essential minerals are removed along with the contaminants. But the notion is wrong. It all depends on which brand of water purifier you buy not to mention the purification mechanism involved. You can completely bank upon the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. It does not remove the essential minerals in water during the purification process. The specially designed mineral preserver system (decalcification system) incorporated in every Eureka Forbes Aquaguard ensures that electromagnetic vibrations are produced into the water. This mechanism helps prevention of mineral scale formation inside the UV chamber and aids in retention of essential minerals. Dial 3988 3333 to order any of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UV system.

Aquaguard Total INFINITI, Aquaguard Classic, Aquaguard Compact, Aquaguard Booster, Aquaguard Hi-Flo, Aquaguard VERVE – the list of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UV purifiers encompasses six models. To have a look at each of the aforesaid Aquaguard system, visit

One Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UV system worth mentioning is the Aquaguard Total INFINITI. It is powered with advanced Intell e-boiling+, an innovative duo-boiling technology that purifies the water twice ensuring that the water your family drinks is doubly purified and safe. Nano Silver Activated Carbon Block developed in collaboration with IIT-Chennai is another technology incorporated in Aquaguard Total INFINITI. This feature helps in effective control of contamination, bacterial growth besides reduction of pesticides and lead. You and your family thus get doubly protected.

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