Sunday, January 22, 2012

World of Eureka Forbes AquaGuard RO purifiers

Enter the world of Eureka Forbes AquaGuard RO purifiers and you will come across three pioneering technology systems, viz. AquaGuard Total ENHANCE, AquaGuard Total Reviva, and AquaGuard Total Atom. When we say pioneering technology, we mean the groundbreaking features incorporated which is found in no other RO systems in the market. In fact, the ‘not invented here’ syndrome does not apply with Eureka Forbes. Of course, it is the RO membrane that is the most important component in an RO system. Eureka Forbes goes a one step further blending other technologies with RO so that what users get is 100 percent pure water flowing from the faucet.

Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Reviva Total is the buzz amongst mothers across India for the unique feature it comes incorporated with. It is the reverse osmosis plus reviva that removes harmful lead from water during the purification process. This particular lead is a cause of brain damage in young children. Here are few features worth mentioning about the Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Reviva Total:
  • Unique membrane cleaning system
  • Silver surety technology
  • Enhanced booster pump for constant flow of water
  • Large storage capacity of 8 litres
  • Tamper-proof reject water valve
  • No dry running of pump; shuts off automatically
  • Transparent tank
  • Automatic water level sensor to avoid overflow
  • Dual flow top.

And then in the industrial purifier category, there are four Eureka Forbes AquaGuard Reviva purifiers to choose from. Visit for browsing through all of the AquaGuard Reviva systems.

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