Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Total Duo Aquaguard water purifier

Most of you must be using single purifying mechanisms like RO or UV or just using a storage purifier. Have you ever used one with blend mechanisms? If water in your area is high in total dissolved solids (TDS) and at the same time also high in harmful micro organisms, you should opt using a purifier with a blend mechanism. Aquaguard Total Duo is a revolutionary new RO+UV water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes. The trust of over 8 million customers generated well substantiates the fact that Eureka Forbes is a name that can be banked upon.

This Aquaguard water purifier comes with an advanced 6-stage purification process, ensuring that water that flows from the faucet is absolutely pure and safe. During the purification process, TDS levels are lowered to acceptable standards and disease-causing micro organisms are eliminated. Recontamination is prevented in this Aquaguard water purifier system so that water stored always remains pure and safe.

Rs. 14,990 is the price tag of the innovative Total Duo Aquaguard water purifier. A distinctiveness associated with this system is the 4 intelligent indicators it comes equipped with for added convenience. Here is a list of the indicators of the Total Duo Aquaguard water purifier:

  • Power Indicator, which illuminates to indicate faultless functioning of the electrical circuit
  • Water Process: If everything seems fine, water purification begins after 30 seconds
  • UV Lamp: The UV LED blinks if the UV lamp fails
  • Tank Full: Illuminates to indicate when the tank is full.

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