Monday, November 21, 2011

Why buy the Aquaguard Reviva

Ask anyone who is using one of the Aqua Guard RO purifiers and you will only get a positive response. Such is the blend of innovative features, advanced technology, quality cartridges, and RO membrane that each Aqua Guard RO comes with that you will fall in a dilemma to choose if you are to buy one. One is the Aquaguard Reviva. To get the Aquaguard Reviva or any of the other models, just dial 3988 3333. Alternatively, you can place an order request of the same at the company’s corporate site, i.e. Here is a list of the other Aqua Guard RO purifiers:

  • Aqua Guard RO Total ENHANCE
  • Aqua Guard RO Total Protec+

What is it in the Aquaguard Reviva that you are attracted towards buying it? Well before you take a buying decision, do confirm whether you really need an RO system. A test of your tap water will rightly serve your purpose. Besides, you should have good pressure of water from your tap. It is only if water coming from the tap is high in TDS (total dissolved solids) that you can go for it.

The Aquaguard Reviva comes equipped with Reverse Osmosis Plus, a ground-breaking technology that helps in the removal of harmful lead (a cause of brain damage in young children). Besides, you can get the water ridden of all disease-causing micro organisms, chemicals, and new-age tough contaminants during the purification process. The TDS level gets reduced to the acceptable limits.

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  1. Aquaguard is expert in selling it's products but not customer service at all.
    I've complained so many times but no response from Aquaguard: Someone solve my aquaguard complaint.