Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Water pressure and Aquaguard Reviva Total features

What is the pressure of water flowing from your tap? If you are using an RO system, pressure should be taken into consideration. Aqua Guard RO purifiers are designed to pressure standards for effectiveness in purification. For example, if you are using the Aquaguard Reviva Total, the pressure in your tap should be in between 0.6 kg/sq cm (min) – 2.0 kg/sq cm (max). If the water pressure is higher than the maximum specified, use of a pressure reducing valve is recommended. You can get this accessory from Eureka Forbes at an additional cost. If you follow the aforesaid pressure standards, your Aquaguard Reviva will perform best. All Aqua Guard systems from the house of Eureka Forbes are popular in the market and are spoken volumes on technology incorporated and features; Aquaguard Reviva is no exception.

Aquaguard Reviva Total comes equipped with ‘reverse osmosis plus reviva technology’ that helps in the removal of harmful lead, which is the cause of brain damage in young children. Such pioneering concepts are incorporated in all Aqua Guard systems. Aquaguard Reviva Total is spoken volume for more other features by users. The silver surety technology enhances purification efficiency and inhibits growth of water-borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa. With its unique membrane cleaning system, you can always expect superior and effective membrane performance in your Aqua Guard purifier. Water through the membrane is passed with high pressure for constant flow, which is facilitated by the enhanced booster pump. Visit to explore more features of Aquaguard Reviva Total.

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