Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Popularity of Eureka Forbes RO in India

How popular is the use of the Eureka Forbes RO in India? Read on web and you will be surprised that millions of satisfied users have been using it for decades and the count is only increasing by the day. Satisfied users just cannot stop themselves from dropping in a few lines about the Eureka Forbes RO purifiers they are using besides availing excellent customer care service. The company never leaves any scope for grievance. Since its very inception 29 years back, it has been committed to achieve customer satisfaction beyond expectations. You will come across countless reviews on Eureka Forbes customer service and the use of the Eureka Forbes RO in India. You cannot complete reading them in a day or two or even a month!

I am not advertising about the company; I am just pointing out the facts as I have been a satisfied user myself. I have seen my friends, relatives and neighbors using the Eureka Forbes RO system series satisfactorily. Never did I hear about any grievance related to technology incorporated, maintenance, quality, and customer service. There are over 1500 Eureka Forbes customer service centres from where 4500 plus technicians operate, catering to the exact requirement of every customer on time. If your system faces a technical problem, all you need to do is dial the company’s customer service number and your request will certainly be processed within 24 hours at the most. This is what we have been experiencing.

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