Monday, March 7, 2011

Eureka Forbes in India and RO purifier

Are you aware of the fact that the weight you lose after intense physical activity is not fat but water? There are many facts about water that most people are yet to know; a wealth of information is available online. What matters most especially when drinking water is whether it is purified or not. If the water in your area is hard, go for an RO system. And you can completely bank upon any of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO series introduced from the house of Eureka Forbes. Purification effectiveness is guaranteed. Eureka Forbes in India is a dominant name. This company needs no introduction. If you read reviews on web, you will find millions of users using the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO purifiers besides other purification systems that this company has introduced. Well, Eureka Forbes in India reaches every nook and corner via its network covering 131 plus cities and 398 towns across the country.

I have spoken about one Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO purifier called the Protec+. Let me elaborate on this RO system, especially on the technical specifications. Here is a list of the same:

• Comes in 320 x 275 x 410 mm dimensions
• Weighs 8kg; design goes well with any kitchen decor
• 8 litres per hour water flow rate
• 25 Watts power rating
• 230 V AC/50 Hz input voltage
• 0.6 kg/sq cm (min) – 2.0 kg/sq cm (max) water pressure
• TFC Spiral RO membrane used.

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  1. We purchased an Aquaflo Dx in October 2010. As per the booklet given, our system should get one servicing done free of cost. Although we reminded the Panaji (Goa ) office several times, no body turned up till now. Only once a person came and told us that we must change the cartridge, without checking the system. We agreed, but he wanted to just deliver the cartridge and leave without servicing or checking on the instrument. When we complained about this , the Panaji office assured us that they will see to it. However, no one has been sent for the same till now. I do not recommend anybody else to buy eureka forbes items anymore.