Thursday, December 9, 2010

Processing of Aquaguard complaints

Are you guys facing low water pressure problems or you have no running water at all? One of my cousins recently got transferred to a town and he faced the same problem. Now he is all thanks to Eureka Forbes after using the Aquaguard Booster. He is already aware of Eureka Forbes reputation and he has seen most of our family members using Eureka Forbes water purifiers. That geared him up further to go for this company. He was earlier using some other purifier of some other brand; he was already thinking of switching to one incorporated with the latest technology and one that effectively purifies the water. Well, he was irked with placing of repeat complaints but in vain; the manufacturer hardly addressed his complaints promptly. He asked me how Aquaguard complaints are addressed, especially on the promptness and efficiency of the technicians. My answer for this brand is always in the positive. What the company promises about prompt processing of Aquaguard complaints is always kept. My Aquaguard faced a technical problem; once notified technicians turned up at my home within the specified 24 hours and fixed the problem in no time. Eureka Forbes reputation, I must say, is because of its commitment to our satisfaction. If you guys have any Aquaguard complaints, just dial 3988 3333.

Well the key plus points of the Aquaguard Booster is incorporation of E-boiling + technology, in-built water pressure enhancer, and a unique SMPS system.

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