Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purification effectiveness matters on brand and reputation

It is Aquaguard that is riding herd in Indian homes. I came across an article on web that speaks volume about this brand. It was about the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO that revolutionized the Indian market facilitating people drink pure water. The first time it was launched, there were hardly any effective water purification systems that lowered the TDS (total dissolved solids) in water. Over the years, novel purifying methodologies, multi-stage purification mechanism, and various features were incorporated; no wonder Eureka Forbes reputation is all because of these efforts exhibited in the Aquaguard RO and other purifier systems.

Besides Eureka Forbes reputation being highly spoken about in reviews and comments on web, there is also mention about Eureka Forbes customer responses. Whoever I came across, especially on feedback about the usage and after sales service support related to the Aquaguard RO, there is none who has any grievance against this brand. And when the company takes care of catering to customer responses excellently, there is hardly any scope for such a situation to happen! Eureka Forbes has deployed 5,800 trained technicians to look after the after sales aspect and there are over 1500 service centres for the same.

My ultimate objective about putting words into shape via this platform is to let more and more people become aware of the importance of drinking absolutely pure water and going for the right brand. Brand and reputation does matter to get hold of an effective RO system.

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