Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aquaguard RO – The right investment for life!

I have been well availing the benefits of my Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO, starting my journey towards a healthy life free from water borne diseases. When I look back to the past and calculate the amount that I have wasted as doctor’s fee, medicines, and hospitalization fee, I repent of not getting the Aquaguard RO installed before. Anyways, I feel satisfied that I did not wait any long.

The other day I visited one of my neighbor’s house who is new in the colony, residing in one of the apartments as tenants. The family of four – parents and two high school-going kids looked very friendly and it is their smiling countenance and their eagerness in extending a relationship of friendship that I visited their home for tea in the evening. I was shown the rooms of the home as they wanted to know if the space and interiors are same as the one where I reside. The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO installed at the kitchen caught my eyes and my face lightened up to find a family using the same water purifier brand that I use. When I asked them how long they have been using it, they retorted smilingly that the system has been their friend for over a year now. Hearing them sing praises of the Aquaguard RO, I realized that Eureka Forbes reputation is spread far and wide. And it is again through them I learnt about the positive aspects of Eureka Forbes customer responses.

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