Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Aquaguard RO experience

My Aquaguard RO has remained my friend ever since it was installed by two Eureka Forbes executives. Now, I don’t have any complaints regarding the taste as well as TDS content. And I am able to save too with no regular visits to the doctor. It was mainly because of drinking unsafe water prior to the installation of the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO that I often fell ill, spending all my savings on the doctor’s fees as well as on medicines. My Aquaguard RO is the right investment strategy I chose.

As regards to Eureka Forbes customer responses, the company is very prompt in carrying out its duties. As I have said in one of my earlier write-ups that my order request was processed within 24 hours. And the executives further said that once I dial the Euro helpline for complaints if any, I shall be getting immediate response. This is what I liked in this company and I am all praises for the specifications in my water purifier. And I must say Eureka Forbes reputation is good because of the innovative technology incorporated in its products as well as prompt attention to customer responses.

Before buying this product, I read reviews on Eureka Forbes reputation because it is reputation that lets you know how powerful the company is in the market. I was surprised to find millions of homes depending on Eureka Forbes products! And many a review finds mention about the benefits of using the Aquaguard RO.

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  1. aqua guard is irresponsible and they couldnt care less once their product is sold. despite repeated complaints they have'nt attended to my complaint despite my having told them that i want them to fix my problem instantly.

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