Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The most sought after water purifier brand

For over 30 years now, the Aquaguard water purifier has been a household name. Eurekaforbes has well maintained its rapport in the market staying in sync with the latest trends and technologies by developing newer systems to check the toughest of contaminants. RO, UV, blends, UF – you get systems of all purification mechanisms with this company. Here is a list of the same:
  • Blend: Total Sensa, Total Duo, Total Protec Plus
  • RO: Total ENHANCE, Total Reviva, Total Atom
  • UV: Total INFINITI, Classic, Compact, Booster, Hi-Flo, VERVE
  • Aquaguard Ultra Filtration.

There are reasons why the Aquaguard water purifier is the most sought after and popular appliance in the market? Here are few of these:
  • Designed involving years of research
  • Incorporates groundbreaking technology
  • Guarantees 100 percent purification effectiveness
  • Endorsed with global certifications for quality and technology
  • Endorsed by Indian Medical Association
  • Recognized as Superbrand and Platinum Brand in Asia.

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