Thursday, March 15, 2012

Buying the Aquaguard Total Duo

I have seen many of my neighbors using a double mechanism oriented water purifier, one that is equipped with multiple cartridges. It has been for two months that I have been planning to buy such a purifier. I wanted to get rid of my conventional system. I feel the frequent illnesses that we have been afflicted with must be due to pollutants present in water. It is the Aquaguard that is popular in my neighborhood. Yes, majority of my neighbors are using the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. But still I researched on the other available brands and the models they have on offer. I compared them all in terms of price, features, technology, certification, and more. There were many cheap purifiers available too. What I want is an investment on my family’s health and hence I hardly gave importance to the cheap purifiers. Ultimately, my search ended with the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. The first thing that cropped up in my mind is its market presence for over 30 years. People today still praise this company, and there must be solid reasons behind it. This means that it offers the best in quality and technology.

As I wanted a double mechanism system, I decided to buy this Eureka Forbes Aquaguard system called Total Duo. The water in our area is high in TDS and harmful micro organisms. I came to know about it after I got my tap water tested. And I feel there can be no better purification system than Aquaguard Total Duo.

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