Monday, October 17, 2011

Aquaguard water purifier series from Eureka Forbes

Ask any health conscious individual about Aquaguard and you will certainly get a positive response. Such is the rapport of Aquaguard in the market. Ever since its inception in the year 1982, Eureka Forbes has time and again brought innovative technologies to the users’ advantage. You will not find an Aquaguard water purifier of the nineties in the current period. Pollution levels have only increased and Eureka Forbes has kept pace with the latest trends introducing newer technologies to fight pollution effectively. Every Aquaguard water purifier guarantees purification effectiveness. It is all a result of continuous research activities. Ideas are continuously explored and evaluated and suitable ideas are adopted and implemented. What you ultimately get is safer, better and increasingly valuable technologies to your advantage.

There is an Aquaguard water purifier for every water type and models vary in terms of technical specification, features, price, and storage capacities. Here is a complete range of the series under different categorie

  • Aquaguard Blend Purification Systems: Aquaguard Total Sensa, Aquaguard Total Duo
  • Aquaguard RO Purifiers: Aquaguard Total ENHANCE, Aquaguard Total Reviva, Aquaguard Total Protec+, Aquaguard Total Atom
  • Aquaguard UV Purifiers: Aquaguard Total INFINITI, Aquaguard Classic, Aquaguard Compact, Aquaguard Booster, Aquaguard Hi-Flo, Aquaguard VERVE
  • Aquaguard Ultra Filtration.

To request for home demo or order your Aquaguard water purifier, dial 3988 3333. Alternatively, you may request for the same online at the Eureka Forbes corporate site. A team of 7500 direct personnel facilitates delivery and installation of the desired purifier right at your doorsteps.

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