Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aquaguard Total Reviva

It is but a fact that for over 28 years, Eureka Forbes in India has maintained its dominant rapport in the segment of water purifiers. I am all praises for this company not only because I am satisfactorily using the Aquaguard RO but because it has gained the trust of millions of users. When it comes to network, Eureka Forbes in India has presence in 131 cities and 398 towns besides a 10,000 strong dealer sales network.

I have spoken a lot about one Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO purifier called the Total Reviva. Users have spoken volume about its features too. Few of the features of this Aquaguard RO system worth mentioning are:
Effective membrane performance facilitated by membrane cleaning system
Silver surety technology, enhancing purification efficiency and inhibiting organism growth
Constant flow of water facilitated by enhanced booster pump
Storage capacity of 8 litres
Tamper-proof reject water valve, helping cleaning of membrane surface
No dry running of pump, thus protecting the equipment.
Transparent tank, enabling the user to be aware of the available quantity of purified water in the system
Automatic water level sensor facilitating shut off of the pump to avoid water overflow
Dual flow top, controlling the flow of purified water.

The aforesaid features well substantiate the advantage of the Total Reviva Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO.

Eureka Forbes in India operates a single number - 3988 3333 to the advantage of consumers; this number is accessible 24X7.

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  1. from which site will i get aquaguard green ro
    (enhance ro) model and its accessories available in new pack