Monday, October 11, 2010

Facts related to RO mechanism

Are you guys aware of the fact that flow rate in an RO system depends on input water pressure and condition of filters? Are you also aware that input water quality and TDS content are important determinants of output water quality? Well there are more points that you should know before you buy RO water purifiers. The first step is to get the water tested to know whether you really need water purifiers of such mechanism. My colleague recently bought a Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO and I guided him well before he bought it. I am myself using one of the best Eureka Forbes water purifiers of RO technology; before buying, I thoroughly equipped myself with all the facts related to RO.

I must say there are numerous Eureka Forbes water purifiers available online, via direct sales, and at retail stores. This company has done an excellent job in differentiating the retail and direct sales through two different brands so that buyers don’t get confused. You will get all purifying mechanisms and in different storage capacities in the water purifiers by Eureka Forbes.

The Eureka Forbes Aquaguard RO that my colleague bought is the Aquaguard Total Atom. With dimensions 281 x 198 x 413 mm and weighing 7.1 kg, it delivers a flow rate of 8 litres/hr. The filtering cartridges incorporated are pre filter clarity cartridge, organic remover cartridge, taste enhancer cartridge including the TFC spiral RO membrane. At 25 watts power rating, it ensures 90% TDS reduction.

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